What will we do differently next time?

Having worked with students for a semester and assessed the animations, we now have a ‘to do’ list of what we’ll change for next year:

  • Rooms. we had a bit of a nightmare with rooms bookings and had a mix of computer suites and group work rooms. the group work rooms had a much better layout and were much more conducive to the work we were doing. So next year we’ll focus on getting these rooms, not computer suites.
  • Group work. There are plenty of ways in which we could support group works in different ways, from how we select the groups in the first place, how we support them working as a group to how we discourage coasting. but what is most important is whatever we do do in this regard, we need to make this explicit to the students.
  • Software. The software we used had a schools license, which put a lot of the onus on us for administration. We also have students individual accounts, and they have told us that they’d prefer a group shared account (or software that would allow them to amalgamate their work). This is something we’ll need to re-think. It would also be good to encourage students to use alternatives to the software that we provided.
  • Marking. Watching so many animations back to back became tiring, and in the future we’d break them up a bit more to be able to give our full attention to everyone.
  • Length of animation. We set a time limit of 2 minutes for the animation but a lot came in at around 2 minutes 30 seconds. based on this, and unanimous feedback from students we’ll relax the guidelines to 2-4 minutes next time.

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