Assessment day

Assessment day has been and gone, the 25th and 26th March. There were nerves (ours and the students), tears (just ours) and a sense of relief that it was over (again, ours and the students) and that it all went well.

Students have agreed to let us share their animations so you can enjoy viewing some of the final products here.

(This is one that set off a few tears for me).

(This group worked closely with the organisation they have used as a case study, and the voices that you hear are those of service users)

This is the assessment brief that they were given:

In small groups of 4-5, you are required to prepare and deliver a presentation, which will:Identify a specific community living within the UK and consider their social care needs and the ways in which social care is delivered. This should include:

A profile of the community;
Consideration of relevant social policy
An example/case study of a social care project/organisation working with this community
An evaluation of the importance of partnerships and collaboration in current social care policy and practice

Students would show us their animations and we would then ask them questions. These might be straightforward questions such as “why did you choose the organisation that you focused on?” or give them the opportunity to fill the gaps if they didn’t quite meet all the criteria in the animations, so might be “what were the social care needs of the community you refer to?” or “what sort of partners do they work with?” We discussed each animation after viewing it and wrote up the feedback there and then. We were pleased that the spread of marks was similar to that normally expected from a presentation.

We felt privileged to watch these animations,  and see the product of the groups working together.

Next up for us? Trawling through our reflections, and student feedback and planning what changes we’ll be making for next year.


2 thoughts on “Assessment day”

  1. I’m a L6 Social Care student and I took this unit last year – I really enjoyed this assessment, but I would have loved an opportunity to have done it in form of an animation, these ones are brilliant! What a great new way of assessing students, and giving them a chance to develop skills as well as demonstrating theoretical understanding!


  2. That’s great to hear Amy, both the fact that you enjoyed it previously, and your positive views on our changes. It’s made me wonder now, if students had the choice of an animation or a presentation, which would be most popular?


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