Birmingham – International Assessment in HE conference

We are delighted to have had an abstract accepted for the 5th International Assessment in Higher Education Conference. This year the conference will be in Birmingham in June. For more information about the conference, have a look at

Here is the abstract that we submitted.

Animate to communicate: using digital media for assessment

In this paper, we report on our use of animation as a contemporary¬† assessment tool in learning and teaching. The research project, to develop the use of animation in assessment, was funded by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. According to Lam and McNaught (2006), animations are an innovative means of assessment for undergraduate students. The 2014 NMC Horizons Report identified that education technology will have a significant impact globally in higher education over the next 5 years (NMC, 2014). Growing use of social media, integration of online, hybrid and collaborative learning, and a shift from students as consumers to creators are three of the key trends. The key aim of our project was to pilot the use of student-designed animated videos as an assessment tool for undergraduate students. In addition, we explored and tested online animation software, and evaluated students’ engagement and staff experiences of using online animation software to create learning materials and assessment products.

The focus of our paper will be a discussion of the outcomes of the research, and include students’ own experiences of the use of animation. In concluding, we offer thoughts on the new challenges of assessment and the contribution of digital media in a shifting higher education landscape.