Animation workshops at MMU

We have now run three workshops for MMU staff on animating since December 14. The latest one was at the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care’s Learning and Teaching conference on 9th January. Over 30 staff and post-graduate students have participated in the workshops led by Jenny, Hayley and Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole. We began the workshops with an overview of the project, use of animation in learning and teaching, and how animations can be used for research (especially impact). Participants then had an opportunity to use go-animate (the schools edition) and learn some basic skills for animating.

We used survey monkey to find out participants’ pre-workshop experiences of animation in learning and teaching, and post-workshop views on the workshop content. We learned that an hour is not enough time and we need to do longer workshops. Also it is best to use a mouse when working on a laptop, and that google chrome is the best internet platform for using go-animate. Lots of positive feedback:

‘I am very excited about the animation work.  Ellie kindly recorded some of our students reading out their poems, and I wanted to set them to an animation.’ (Dr Kirsten Jack, National HEA Teaching Fellow)

Fantastic! Thank YOU so much (Amanda Clayson, MMU VCS partner)

‘It was just right. i was really excited about what you did. it was very approachable and at the right level for me to go away and do the animation again.’ (anonymous)

In other news, we have been awarded the second instalment of our MMU CeLT project grant as we met the relevant deliverables.


2 thoughts on “Animation workshops at MMU”

  1. This is fantastic Jenny and team. Lovely to hear it went so well and triggered new interest in using animation for learning and teaching. Perhaps we could think of offering an animation workshop per term and advertise via CELT. This could also become a valuable FLEX activity. Perhaps we could discuss when you are available.

    Excellent work!!!



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