Challenge: animation

When asking students to produce a different type of assessment we need to think about how we’re going to support them in doing this.

We’ll be using the seminars to guide and support students through the assessment process.

I came across this video thanks to the Good Practice Exchange from CELT (If you’re looking for learning and teaching ideas, it’s a fantastic place to start).

In the video Anna Sutton from the Business School describes how she set students a one hour challenge to create a one minute video to describe change management. So I plan to replicate this idea for a seminar activity. This will allow students to create an animation in a low stakes environment, reflect on concepts from lectures, and they’ll get experience of working together as a group. It will be a chance to get some feedback early on in the process, and an opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Anna advises emphasising that it is only short, reassuring them that they have the skills to complete this task, and asking them if they want to support from me or just want to get on with it. Can you think of any more suggestions for making this a smooth process?




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