Our first animations

Jenny hard at work (Marian and I out of shot)
Jenny hard at work

We didn’t want to ask our students to do anything that we wouldn’t do, so we knew that we would include animations as part of our teaching. We just hadn’t planned how and when this would happen yet. The ideal opportunity came along when we were discussing the first week of teaching and introducing ground rules on how we (we being ourselves and the students) behave as a group. So we decided that this would be an ideal opportunity to create an animation as a prompt.

We banned ourselves from playing around until we’d had a discussion about what we wanted, and produced a a storyboard (best practice learnt from our reading, but also from our own previous attempts of trying to jump in at the deep end and ‘just make something’).

We decided we wanted an animation that would prompt a group discussion about what our class rules would be i.e. thinking about how should you behave if you’re late to class. It was important to us that it was about prompting ideas, not setting the rules to start with as we want the class to be a collaborative environment. which lead us to thinking about how we would approach the fact that we very much want this class to be a collaborative exchange of ideas, not a one way conversations.

Storyboard: how should we be in a lecture?
Storyboard: how should we be in a lecture?


Storyboard: working as partners
Storyboard: working as partners

And then set out to have a go at making them. Much giggling and faffing around ensued (if the students enjoy the process half as much as I enjoyed this morning together then I’ll feel that we’ve achieved something), and we came up with these beauties.

One of promise for this project was that all outputs would be made available as OERs, so please feel free to use these resources in your own classroom (if you do, we’d love for you to let us know how it goes).

All feedback gratefully received. Do you think this is the right way of approaching these conversations? What sort of animations would you like creating for your own classroom?




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