About animation

If you’re interested in using animation as a form of assessment then this is the place for you.

In the 2014-15 academic year, we (Dr Jenny Fisher and Hayley Atkinson) changed the assessment type for one our Social Care units to an animation (it had previously been a PowerPoint presentation). We blogged at the time about why we chose animation.  We were lucky enough to receive SOTL funding from our CELT, which supported us in being able to share good practice by blogging our progress, sharing resources and sharing our experiences at conferences.

If you are a member of staff thinking about asking students to create animations, then take a look at our resources for staff which will give you guidance on what we did, and what we’ve changed since.

If you’re a student on our unit, or if you just looking at creating an animation for the first time then our resources for students are for you.

The musings and progress of a lecturer and an elearning developer as they encourage students to communicate using animations